Jmo Style

DeMarco white diamond drop wearings

Weeee!!!! Jmo Style has had a make over! We (meaning me) think it looks fantastic. Check it out. There’s a few new features that I’m trying out. Overall, I’m happy.

Kate Spade contour iphone 5 case
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Mod!Note Rose McIver has the same one [x

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO! (if you don’t read that like Mrs Doubtfire I’m judging you hard)

I had a few requests sitting in my askbox but tumblr has eaten them it seems. Needless to say, I HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN OKAY! In fact, I just posted one here.

I run this blog by myself, and while I don’t need any help running it, it is still just for fun and sometimes it either gets neglected or new events happen or sometimes I’ll be searching for something and accidentally find something completely different (it’s often…) or you know, life (I don’t have one…but those of you who do…you get me). 

I digress, please do not think I’ve forgotten any requests sent.  

EF Collection rose gold and diamond starburst earrings

Dolce and Gabbana black eel skin leather stack heel boots

hey you should post a bunch of hair tutorials based on jmo's hair because I saw the crown braid video and I looooved it

You mean like this ;)

i've messaged you this before, but honestly i love this account so much, you clearly put a lot of work into it and i appreciate it so much, keep it up because this is honestly one of my favourite accounts on tumblr!

Well thank you very much. This absolutely made my morning. :) Mostly it’s a lot of fun (when things are easy to find), other times not so much (when I get distracted and find things I want to buy)

Soia & Kyo Gemma white wool coat, black trim detailing and oversized buttons

Shoshanna Garden Cove floral shirtdress
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