Jmo Style

AS29 long four line white and black diamond earrings

Casadei black patent leather blade stiletto heel pumps

Oscar De La Renta sleeveless sheer lace beaded dress

I love the earrings Jen was wearing at the premiere tonight! Any details?

Not yet Nonnie!

Still looking for HQ’s. I just started looking for the dress. It’s hard to ID when I don’t have the pics that show me the details. :) 

Jennifer Meyer has a gold wishbone pendant her line is known for....

Thanks for the tip nonnie! I’ll check it out! :D

Hi! Do you have any idea where Jen's gold wishbone necklace from How I met your mother is from? Love it!

I’ll have a look. But today my goal is the premiere (??? preview viewing? Showing?….)

Uncommon Matters silver cuff bracelet

NYFW interview with Joe Zee and Katharine Zarrella for Yahoo! and

Paula Mendoza Helius hoop earrings

Alice and Olivia f/w ‘14 silk floral print dress

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