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HI I was wondering about Jens mascara in one post of your you said it's here "never leave the house" product would u know the brand?

First, that wasn’t my article, just to clarify for you. That was one Jen did with Tina Turnbow for Refinery 29 :) Second, according to this brief interview with Allure magazine, Jen likes Guerlain mascara. 

Whether she still uses that, I do not know. But please, remember that you should use and wear products that work for you. 

Hello! Do you guys happen to know anything about the shoes on this post post/98379067039/margaux-lonnberg-grey-check-emy-burton-dress ? :)

Here. Jealous if you have a cool $500 to spend on a pair of loafers. :D

Jennifer Morrison Doesn’t Go Anywhere Without Mascara

ABC’s fairy-tales-with-a-girl-power-twist drama Once Upon a Time has its season premiere this Sunday — just in time for our envy of Jennifer Morrison’s hair to reemerge. Not to minimize her acting chops, but every time those epic locks appear onscreen, we find ourselves wondering: What are we doing wrong that we don’t have hair like that?

So, when makeup artist Tina Turnbow offered to interview Morrison for us (while doing her makeup), we jumped at the chance to get the inside scoop on how girlfriend always looks so good. Ahead, Turnbow’s chat with the actress — including the products she can’t live without and why yoga is her go-to.

What are some of your skin-care must-haves?
"I keep it simple: I use Koh Gen Do face wash and Fenix moisturizer."

What’s your favorite makeup product, and what’s your least favorite? 
"I don’t go anywhere without mascara. That is my one go-to. I have a hard time with gooey or sticky lipsticks. I end up making ridiculous faces; rubbing my lips together subconsciously when I’m irritated."

How do you maintain your gorgeous, golden locks?
"Riawna Capri at Nine Zero One Salon is in charge of my hair. Riawna or [her colleague] Tawni do my highlights, and they consistently give me cleansing masks to keep buildup off of my hair, so it stays bright and shiny."

What did you think of New York Fashion Week?
“I found it enlightening. I felt like I learned a lot. I enjoyed seeing how the different designers mixed colors and prints and textures. Seeing the shows really inspired me to see my own wardrobe differently.”

I know you’re really into yoga. What about it do you like?
“I think yoga keeps me alive. Not only is hot yoga the fastest way to sweat out toxins (and force myself to drink tons of water), but it also calms my mind and gives me a moment to be away from my hectic schedule.”

What happens when you don’t drink enough water? Does it show up on your skin?
"I know immediately when I have not had enough water. My skin feels dry almost instantly, my lips get chapped, and I feel like the pinkish glow in my cheeks goes away. I look a bit gray when I’m dehydrated."

What else do you do to keep your complexion healthy and clear?
“I take a daily vitamin made by Univera, but besides that, I find that I’m getting most everything I need from a balanced diet and lots of greens.”


REDValentino Swan Princess Cashmere knit sweater

Mod!Note You guys should check out the Wild Swans collection from Red Valentino. Some more very cool Swan Princess inspired stuff.

Margaux Lonnberg grey check Emy Burton dress 

Image credit: Larry Andreutti [x]

Change-Your-Life Beauty Tip: Jennifer Morrison’s Secret to Making Sure Hair Doesn’t Fall Flat

Hairstylist Riawna Capri gave us all a behind-the-scenes peek at her styling session with Jennifer Morrison before the Once Upon a Time season premiere last night.

And she was using an old-school trick to ensuring volume. After she curled Morrison’s hair, she clipped her hair in coils on top of her head while they cooled, creating a little extra lasting lift on top.

You can do this with clips like Capri did, or you can tuck a Velcro roller under each lock—the idea is to keep the roots up so they lock in the height. It’s a trick hairstylists have been using for years—and I bet some of you have too. For the rest of you, file this away in your brain for the next time you want to ensure lasting body.


Mod!Note: I personally prefer just clipping or pinning the curls, I hate Velcro rollers, they always get stuck when I take them out and I end up with frizz to rival Albert Einstein.

I wish I was as good at find emilie de Ravin stuff as you are with Jmo

It takes a lot of work, an eye for detail and a loooooooooooooooooot of spare time. And sometimes I get it wrong, like I ID’d something as a particular label and it wasn’t, I’ve done that a few times actually. 

Shout out to Ms Morrison for helping me ID stuff.
And by helping I mean she tweeted about it and I read the tweets and went searching. Except for the dress and the shoes, I FOUND THEM ALL BY MYSELF. *is proud*

xx your friendly neighbourhood mod.

P.S SUNDAY!!!! Or Monday, depending on your time zone…

Renee Sheppard pave diamond thin band rings (in black and white diamond)

Eve Fehren diamond x ring (shown in blackened white gold)

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